Brew Barbosa, the Sailor Monk (Ilya)

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Brew Barbosa, the Sailor Monk (Ilya)

Post by Dablu on Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:53 am

Abandoned by an unknown family as a newborn in his home forest, a Wood Elf was taken in by an exploring sailor crew. He was named Brew by the captain of the crew, Shank Barbosa, and was also given his last name. Though the captain had often been seen as a man with a cold, steely exterior, he was warmer to none as he was to Brew. Shank had never been much of a family man, but always desired being able to raise a boy from a child to man, teaching him the necessities of life: ambition, achievement, and a constant sense of freedom were the keys to fulfillment. However, at the young age of seven, Brew began developing strange black marks on both of his shoulders. Some appearing as lines, some lines forming circles, eventually forming an intricate pattern of black, mysteriously etched into his skin over the period of a year. Early on, the entire crew including Shank and Brew himself were fearful that the boy had been infected with some kind of magical curse from the sea or it's frightful denizens. Though afraid of the grave unluckiness they thought the curse might bring, instead they found their luck only heighten as the weeks and months went by- eventually the crew was famed for their discoveries of uncharted lands and hidden treasures. One day, as Brew ----------------

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