Brew: the Foolmonk

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Brew: the Foolmonk

Post by Dablu on Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:22 pm

The story of that drunk Monk? 'At what ye' wantin' to be hearin', eh? Well, I guess I don't mind tellin' ye', bein' a player an' all...

Brew's his name, though I think he told me his real name was Lycos. Doesn' have a last name, 'least not one 'e remembers. You see, the pouer lad used to live in one of 'em twilit forests, bein' a wood elf 'n all, way back when he was just a youngin'. Now, one day, he says, something attacked his people. He doesn' remember quite what, jus' described a swirling mass of blackness, kind of like a cloud: with a sneering smile in it. He remembers that cloud enveloping the figures of his people faster than he could even trace, with only dust bein' left behind. 'Fore 'e could even run away, he says that demon of a thing appeared right in front of 'im, but instead of coverin' up over 'im, it just stared: right at his eyes. He could do nothin' but stare right back, frozen in terror. Next that he knows, 'e says, he was wakin' up in the middle of a dirt road, some kind of carriage in front of him.

Some mysterious man in hooded robes jumped off the wagon, an' asked 'im if he was lost. The youngin' Brew jus' started cryin'. That man, who I'll tell ye' now was a monk, asked him if he'd like to come with: and Brew answered with a weak nod of 'is 'ead. That monk picked him right up, swift as one would pick a feather, and carried him to the other side of the carriage. 'E opened the door, and guess who's in there? The flippin' Governor of Faelport! Puts Brew right next to 'im 'e does, an' before the Governer can even ask a question the monk just tells 'em both to be quiet, an' shuts the door! In just another second, they're off!

Now, what ends up happenin', see, is that this monk takes 'im in and inducts 'im to join his monastery: the one part of the Order of Brothers, that big group of monks all around the continent. This particular one was in the city of Alecrest, and he was brought to the stone steps of the Second Monastery. Right then an' there, he was told one simple thing. That 'e would become family to the Order: and that the Order would be family to 'im. They never once asked 'im about 'is past, or 'is real family: the memories of which would slowly be lost upon 'im. 'E was trained for years as a monk, for years! The problem was that 'e wasn't very good at meditation, 'nor most other things to be fair. What 'e was good at, though, was his martial arts. 'E also seemed to 'ave a genuine curiosity for history and knowledge of that sort, but the way he could kick and punch... Few were as naturally gifted as he. 'E trained an' 'e trained, an' one day, he was approached by the very monk who first brought 'im there. Now, he wouldn't give me too many details about it, but 'e did say that apparently there was a secret Order within the Order itself! And that Order was somethin' like an elite unit of mercenaries, or hires, and the like. They'd be hired to do things like protect important people: like that Governer, or things as nasty as assassination. Aye, Brew- or, Lycos, at the time, got a special... "Invitation", you might call it, I en't even sure. But he became part of that secret order for his martial skills, and started goin' on missions with a few others that 'e wouldn't really talk about either, save one.

There was another member at the monastery that Brew had become close with, though maybe not in the way you think. 'E didn't really bother 'imself with the rest of his "Brothers", but there was one half-elf that 'e'd somehow learned to despise. They'd always compete, always get each other in trouble, always kept on fighting. Brew's first few missions with the secret Order were pretty successful, though they weren't all too hard. Then, 'e says, 'e was assigned a mission that he felt had a "touch of destiny", if you will. Now, before I keep goin', you've got to understand somefing y'see. That city, the city of Alecrest, has a Mayor n' all; But the thing that some people don't know is that the whole government o'er there is essentially just made of puppets! They go out an' make some speeches every now and then, and print things in the newspaper n' all, but really, they're controlled by a few very powerful shady groups... Groups like the the Secret Order of monks, the Gray Enclave, made up of assassins and spies, the Golden Arms, basically thugs and warriors, and last but not least at all, the House of Ender. These guys are made up of wizards: summoners, illusionists, necromancers, you name it. They're extremely rich, get paid fer' doin' things like bringin' people from the dead, retrieving magical artifacts, creating obedient demons, all that stuff. The House of Ender and the Secret Order are absolute worst enemies, don' really know how that came about. Them monks hate magic though, and they hate it a lot.

Brew was assigned to go and be the lookout for an espionage mission. The Secret Order had heard that the House of Ender had been plotting to strike at the monasteries in Alecrest and burn them all to the ground: something they couldn't let happen, obviously. Assigned with Brew, though... Was his worst enemy. Let's call 'im Vandal, or somefin', eh? Anyway, this is where the story gets intense. His group got to where they were supposed to be, and the shadow monks slipped through an arcane barrier on a door of on of the Ender buildings, with Brew and Vandal positioned on top of buildings with a little bit of height, opposite each other, for a good look-out point. They were supposed to jump onto the roof of a nearby church and ring it's bell if they saw any of the Ender wizards coming. So, there they were, watching, waiting. Watching, and waiting. Each one, without knowledge of the other, hears a faint sound: something like the last sizzle of an ember. When the meaning of the sound finally hit them, so do a couple of powerful magic missiles. The two are sent flying down into the desolate main square, the darkness of night hiding whatever may have managed to attack them. They hear footsteps, loud, purposeful footsteps, coming right from the door of the building their brothers were sent to investigate. Out from the shadows comes a heavily robed man with a red-crystal tipped staff. The pair gets into a fighting stance just as they realize they could no longer feel the presence nor energy of any of the eight shadow monks sent inside that very place... This very well meant death.

The wizard sent a few darts of fire after them, allowing them to dodge out of the way and maneuver along the path of fire just as they had trained to specially fight against magic-users. He was toying with them, having simple fun. This was to be that very destinate moment in Brew's life, when everything would turn upside down. The wizard had begun using his real power, easily beginning to coming close to outright killing them. They had, by this point, been physically exhausted, and were backed together into a corner.

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