Suriel Mastana, the Moonlight Ranger (Adriel)

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Suriel Mastana, the Moonlight Ranger (Adriel)

Post by Str.lrd on Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:18 pm

Suriel Mastana, The Half-Elf Ranger

Born a bastard, in a time of war, during winter.
Suriel Mastana was brought in by his father, Tariel Mastana, to an elven home filled with pride and honor. Suriel's father and siblings were the only ones who seemed to truly love him. Suriel was raised without his blood mother, who was supposedly a "woman of the night." Therefore, he never got to meet his southern mother. Instead, the only mother he ever knew, Aliel (Tariel's wife), had always despised Suriel. Aliel could not bare take a look at this child. For the constant reminder of the notorious and heinous act the honorable Tariel had committed, and swore to never speak of, brought nothing but pain to Aliel. Although, Tariel never showed any remorse for his actions, just as he never spoke of his long diseased sister, Ariel. "I never met father's sister, but every time I was near her gravestone, I felt a special connection, almost like magic. No one really knows what happened to her, I suspect father does though. Ariel died at war, that's all I know." -Suriel. When Suriel became of age, he was sent to bcome a Moonlight Ranger (a community of Rangers with the purpose of protecting the kingdom of Septum from potential southern and eastern threats). Suriel's first mission took place at The Cliff (wall that separates eastern territories from Septum), where a horde of barbaric orcs were plundering small Septumian villages. His mission was to take care of this threat and make sure they wouldn't attack again. Halfway through the mission, Suriel encountered a female dire wolf, who appeared to be pregnant. Suriel got closer but she didn't seem bothered by that. The dire wolf started talking to Suriel. She was struggling to give birth to the pup. "You know what you need to do, help him live. Do it." She said. At this rate, if Suriel waited any longer, they would both die. Suriel carried the dire wolf's final wishes. He took out his silver dagger and stabbed the dire wolf in the chest for quick death. Then, he cut open her stomach to pull the newborn out of the corpse. The pup was white, with a purple eye and the other red. Suriel held him up and looked at his eyes, he saw himself. He named him "Snow" because it was snowy that night. Suriel took care of Snow, he fed and trained him. "It had to be destiny." -Suriel

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